Peter Nemes is a sculptor, graphic designer, researcher and writer, illustrator and photographer, carpenter and ceramist. His multidisciplinary interests have led him to invent the collective name Biographis, which catalogues more than twenty years of work.
He is obsessed with the design of special editions, from the most varied printing processes to the details of binding. He's happiest when there are no limits to his creativity and he can use his imagination as well as his hands to create unique objects and artworks.
He designs on a regular basis for such institutions as the Museum of Fine Arts, the Hungarian National Gallery and the Robert Capa Centre for Contemporary Photography. He also enjoys collaborating with Hungarian architects, ceramists and other artists, solving a wide variety of design challenges and creating special works.
In addition to his work, he is researching and systematizing the life and work of sculptor Amerigo Tot out of vocation. He works on urban design projects and, as a top fan of turn-of-the-century floor tiles, he is a collector of these valuable objects.