MAARJAN brand design

Marianna Szabó is the founder of the maarjan brand. Ever since she was a child she has been dwelling on the relationship among shapes, materials and colors. Back in her tender years she was fascinated by the clothes her mother designed extraordinary taste. The walk-in closet where these were kept was the adjoining room in the house; she often came here just to contemplate. It was a real gem; she visited worlds in this small place. It has always been the lines, colors, and materials that have fascinated her; she has always been interested in every dress, she lingered on the tailoring lines and secretly studied other people’s clothes. As the style of clothes she wears has simplified over time, there has been a growing need for her for a different kind of self-expression. Finally she found this in The Bag. For her, accessories like bags are the jewels of clothing. He believes the style of clothes should be more simple in the 21st century for longer-term wearability, so it is the accessories that make the difference. She prefers lines that represent perspectives.

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